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Exhibition Guide


Exhibition Guide



Entries are invited from all provinces, cities, municipalities and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Orchid Association and the other Orchid Organizations of the relevant countries or regions, orchid enterprises and the orchid specialist manufacturers and so on.


The orchids which are used in this show (small landscape no less than 300 plants, large landscape no less than 700 plants) by all the exhibitors from overseas and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan must enter China from overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The exhibitors can’t use the orchids, which purchased within China (on the basis of the document of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine)


In order to show the justice of the competition, each exhibitor shall participate in the landscape design and exhibits arrangement by themselves.


The orchid in the show should have two conjoined generations, more than three leaves each plant, good growth with vigor and no disease. The orchid in the competition should have three conjoined generations, more than three leaves each plant , good growth with vigor and no disease. Newly collected orchid species plants from the wild are not allowed for getting award.


The orchids in the show and the competition should reach the height within 80cm and the depth within 90cm. The floral artwork should have a profound conception, delicate and original design and reasonable coordinated color matching.


The need of ikebana materials and accessories in the show and the competition should be prepared by the participants. The orchids in the works should not be less than 70%.


In order to ensure exhibition effect and exhibits security, dismantling or moving the exhibits’ position is forbidden.


The exhibitors must contact the secretariat of organizing committee before the deadline for the convenience of booth arrangement, reception, board and lodging, and investigation tour in advance.


Participants from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas should inform us the quantity and variety of plants for CITES application. Meanwhile, please bring along your Phytosanitary Certificate and CITES when you enter China.


All works for setting up and Exhibits shall be ready by 24:00 on 10th January, 2018. Judging will commence at 13:00 the next day, and exhibitors will not be permitted to enter the show site while judging is in progress.

大會規則Rules& Regulations


The exhibitors should take the responsibility for carrying the exhibits to the exhibition hall. When the exhibits arrive, the exhibitors should follow the organizing committee’s arrangements that exhibitors need to enter the hall orderly with the entry license and park the cars at the designated parking lot.


All participants shall wear the valid cards from the Organizing Committee while entering the exhibition hall. The license can’t be lent to others. Please contact us quickly if the license is lost.


The Organizing Committee shall not take responsibility for damaging or losing of any exhibits. While the exhibits will be safeguarded, including special guard on day and night duty during the period of the show. The exhibitors and staff will be responsible for compensation by themselves if damaging any facility or third-party stuff.


All products must be sold in the specified rented booth and do not allow to set up the booth furtively and sell the product outside.


Except the orchid trading area, other exhibits can’t be taken in and out optionally during the exhibition


No Smoking in the exhibition hall. The exhibitors must abide by all organizing committee’s rules and bear all the responsibility for any accident if violating the rules and causing damages.


All exhibitors are strictly prohibited from using a loudspeaker at the booth, in case affecting other people’s work.


In case of any accident, the exhibitors should appoint a staff as a safety director who needs to ensure the security of the exhibits and the booth, carrying out the work of avoiding fire and explosion, doing some cleaning, and arranging move-in and move-out work.


Please pay attention to your belongings (including personal property) or the loss will be on your own.


The exhibitors take responsibility for themselves if any accident happen due to their personal activities without organizing committee’s permission.


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